Speeches & Workshops

Sean has been a frequent conference speaker for over a decade, focusing on three key areas: ‘Authenticity & Trust / Innovation & Scenario Planning / Hope & Resilience’. He also chairs and moderates events e.g. the 2020 global marketing event run by the Int’l Lotteries Assoc.

Prior to the restrictions imposed by C19, he’d given ‘Now / Next / Why’ talks in cities inc New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, San Francisco, Dallas, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Geneva, Zurich, Toronto, Paris, Nice, Oslo, Beirut, Tallinn, Palma, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dubai, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Athens, Thessaloniki, Stockholm, Berlin, Casablanca, Frankfurt, Salzburg, Lisbon, Hamburg, Malmo, Trondheim, Dusseldorf, Riga, Larnaca, Prague, Helsinki and Melbourne. (For bookings, please contact his agent www.speakersassociates.com.) He’s now giving webinar presentations e.g. ‘The Recovery Summit’ (which was attended by over 8500 delegates) where he gave a keynote alongside interviewing leading industry figures. For examples of his other recent webinars, please checkout his video channel on YouTube.

In addition to the above, he’s lectured at creative universities for over a decade, mainly at Central St Martins and London College of Fashion. He’s also spoken at events for those inc Contagious, Dazed, NME, Xfm, BBC, Channel 4, Haymarket, Design Week, Brand Strategy, Marketing Week, Admap, Fashion Week, the Marketing Forum, Comms Forum, and the Byline Festival; along with a great number of trend workshops for think-tanks, brands, NGO’s and advertising / design / media / PR / strategy agencies.

Finally, he also discusses many ‘issues of the day’ on his podcast ‘The New Abnormal’, which is available via all the usual channels…