“The Post-Truth Business” (Finalist: the ‘Business Book of the Year Awards’ 2019) looks into how brands are built on trust, but in a post-truth world, they’re faced with a serious challenge when so much of modern life is defined by mistrust. The ramifications for brands are deeply serious, when ‘reputation capital’ is of such immense importance; as if a brand isn’t trustworthy, then when choice is available, it’ll be rejected in favour of one that is. We believe there is a golden opportunity for brands to take a more open, positive and socially-progressive approach. Therefore, the book illuminates a way forward and this links to the research that we conduct for brands interested in ‘good business’.

Sean’s next book “Influencers & Revolutionaries” looks into cutting edge innovation on a global scale. It takes in a wide array of dynamic sectors from a ‘Now/Next/Why’ perspective: ranging from wellbeing to fashion, from fintech to beauty, from drinks to transport, and from travel to HR. Along the way, areas covered inc Smart Cities & Future Homes, the Future of Work, Food & Drink, Banking & Insurance, Media Futures and NextGen Retail; with a deep focus on the impact of smart technology, climate change and consumer behaviour on future business activity. Innovation has been a central part of our specialist offering since we began, and we’re hugely excited about this book, to be published in Feb 2020.