Sean Pillot de Chenecey, author


“The Post-Truth Business” (currently business ‘Book of the Month’ in airports around the world) looks into how brands are built on trust, but in a post-truth world, they’re faced with a serious challenge when so much of modern life is defined by mistrust. The ramifications for brands are deeply serious, when ‘reputation capital’ is of such immense importance; as if a brand isn’t trustworthy, then when choice is available, it’ll be rejected in favour of one that is. “The Post-Truth Business” therefore aims to illuminate a way forward for those wishing to rebuild brand authenticity in our distrusting world. We believe there is a golden opportunity for brands to take a more open, positive and socially-progressive approach; and this links to the research that we conduct for brands interested in ‘good business’.

Meanwhile, Sean has started writing his next book “Influencers & Revolutionaries” which takes a deep-dive into cutting edge innovation on a global scale. It’ll take in a wide array of dynamic sectors from a ‘Now/Next/Why’ perspective, ranging from wellbeing to fashion, from fintech to beauty, from drinks to transport, and from travel to HR. Along the way, areas to be covered include Smart Cities, the Future of Work, Future Home, Future Media and Future of Retail; along with specific issues such as product & packaging design, creative development and concept testing. It’ll be published in key markets including the US, Europe, China, SE Asia, South Africa and the Middle East, in late 2019. Innovation has been a central part of our specialist offering since we began, and we’re hugely excited about this book!