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‘The New Abnormal’ podcast

Hope…Community…Resilience. These are the issues I’m focusing on as we look to a ‘New Abnormal’ future and they’re subjects that I’ll be discussing on ‘The New Abnormal’ podcast. My guests are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds inc activists, creatives, strategists, writers and futurists. Listen and enjoy! (The podcast […]

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The pandemic vs business

The focus of our attention is now on the social/business implications of the pandemic, hence conducting detailed research into the subject, in order to help clients make decisions in these difficult times. As part of this, please checkout Sean’s podcast ‘The New Abnormal’ where he interviews a range of industry […]

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‘The New Abnormal’

Great to receive the cover for my next book “The New Abnormal” (Why hope, community & resilience are the way forward #AfterCovid). As with my past books, am reading vast amounts of research and conducting expert interviews with leading-edge thinkers around the world. Fascinating stuff…

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Hope, Community & Resilience

Just like everyone else, the life we led only a month ago seems very distant. As we look to the future, the issues of ‘Hope, Community & Resilience’ that I’ll focus on in my next book (and on which I’ve given speeches / written about / consulted etc) seem to […]

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‘Influencers & Revolutionaries’ at Contagious Live!

My new book ‘Influencers & Revolutionaries’ has just been published, and it was good to be asked by Contagious to give a talk about it at their first Contagious Live! event of the year.

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Truth, Trust & Transparency

I gave a talk about my book ‘The Post-Truth Business’ at the Cultural Insights Forum held at M&C Saatchi this week. The event was sold-out, meaning that the venue was packed full of London’s planning community, and it was really good to catch-up with a load of agency friends.

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Influencers & Revolutionaries

My new book ‘Influencers & Revolutionaries’ is published next month, and I’m obviously hoping that it meets with a similar level of success to ‘The Post-Truth Business’. That went to No1 in the business charts and was a finalist in the 2019 ‘Business Book of the Year’ awards…

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Euroconsumers International Forum

I really enjoyed my recent trip to Brussels, to give the keynote speech at the Euroconsumers Int’l Forum about my book ‘The Post-Truth Business’ re: consumer engagement, brand credibility and reputation capital.

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Influencers & Revolutionaries – speech

I had an excellent time in Greece recently, whilst on a visit to Athens in order to give a speech for KPMG and their regional European clients. I gave the keynote talk at their EU event about my new book ‘Influencers & Revolutionaries’ and the specific issue of the latest […]

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Extinction Rebellion

I enjoyed being on the radio this morning with Extinction Rebellion, to discuss ethics and innovation re: business action around the #ClimateEmergency and #BiodiversityCrisis from the perspectives of my books ‘The Post-Truth Business’ and ‘Influencers & Revolutionaries’.

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