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Sean Pillot de Chenecey

With over 20 years experience, Sean combines marketing consultancy alongside ethnographic research & the interviewing of social / cultural experts. (He has excellent contacts in areas inc the media, think-tanks, education, NGO’s, sports, art, social innovators and the entertainment industry, etc).

He’s written for a range of consumer, industry & think-tank publications and is a frequent public speaker. An ex-MBA course lecturer, he still teaches at universities (re: cultural/social trends) & has given speeches at marketing conferences in Japan, Holland, Dubai, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Turkey, Finland, Greece, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic & the US.

And on the subject of speeches, here you go with a testimonial: “The World Retail Congress is renowned for attracting excellent speakers for its annual events. Following on from his previous speeches at the congress, this year Sean gave a superb trend research talk as part of our CEO Leadership Programme. He also chaired dynamic marketing panels with innovative brands and leading-edge agencies. I’d highly recommend him for companies seeking a deeply informed and entertaining speaker!” (Ian McGarrigle, Chairman, World Retail Congress).