Positioning & Strategy

Via our research and consultancy services, we help companies to clarify an authentic positioning and refine their strategy, ensuring that ‘good business is good business’. Our preferred way of working combines street level research with board-level consultancy, which delivers insights founded upon ‘cultural/social reality’ alongside emerging trends and scenario planning.

Since we launched our consultancy, we’ve been advising clients to take a more open, positive and socially-progressive approach. In a world so affected by Covid-19, evidencing this approach is more vital than ever.

The foundation for our beliefs are illuminated in Sean’s book “The Post-Truth Business”. (Finalist: Business Book of the Year Awards 2019.) It portrays a wide range of dynamic ideas and actions taken by leading-edge & legacy businesses, from the local to the multi-national, who are radically changing the way business is done via their approaches to trust, transparency, privacy, empathy and ethics.