Consumer/Expert Insights

We set up the consultancy to work in collaboration with clients, helping them to deal with the challenges impacting their brands. Our work is highly varied, ranging as it does from board-level consultancy to street level research. This unusual approach is our preferred way of working, as it enables us to combine ‘cultural/social reality’ alongside next-generation trends and scenario planning, etc.

This means that our case histories are extremely varied. Many are naturally confidential due to NDA agreements etc, but for a very topline summary of those that we can mention; we’ve conducted brand positioning, concept development, retail research, comms testing, sponsorship evaluation, trend research, compset analysis, scenario planning, ethnographic activity, sector/brand semiotics, cultural/social insight work, focus groups and expert interviews in cities ranging from Moscow to L.A. to Jeddah to Tokyo to Algiers to Stockholm. (And many others in between).

The client list (above) will give you an idea of some of our case histories, but we’ve also worked across numerous other sectors on projects ranging from the ‘quick-hit’ to the deeply immersive, working either independently or as part of a combined agency project-team.