Sean Pillot de Chenecey, speeches


As mentioned on the intro page, we specialise in trend, insights, innovation and positioning research.

Every agency and consultancy has a favourite approach to fieldwork, and ours is to conduct a mixture of ethnographic work and expert interviews, two methodologies that we find always deliver great results. Preferring to conduct fieldwork ‘in context’ this means we’ve done so around the world in tower blocks, luxury homes, run-down garages, five-star hotels, offices, universities, cafes, shops, bars and festivals; and have met some truly extraordinary people along the way. Naturally, we conduct competitive set analysis alongside desk research and other trend forecasting work; to enable the resulting recommendations to be as robust as possible.

Based on our multi-sector international experience (as shown above) we’ll often recommend looking outside of the ‘client-specific’ sector to other areas and markets which can unlock innovative thinking and illuminate new ways forward. Due to the very wide range of sectors in which we’ve worked, and the fascinating people we’ve met along the way, we’ve excellent contacts who we can liaise with on relevant future projects.

We’re also very keen on delivering multi-layered debriefs i.e. to different teams and groups within client-side teams, including ‘standard’ presentations and more unorthodox ideation sessions. This ensures that project recommendations can be debated – and further clarified or refocused if necessary – to ensure that research doesn’t abruptly end once a debrief has been delivered and that ‘insight activation’ is achieved.

Essentially, our overall aim is to make research as genuinely actionable and catalytic as possible.