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An independent consultant, I work on trend, insight and strategy projects in a wide variety of sectors; conducting (often unorthodox) research in Europe, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and North America. This enables me to take ‘now/next/why’ to the boardroom & conference hall.

My research case histories inc tasks for brands in the motor, fashion, beauty, spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks, food, health, insurance, finance, restaurant, hotel, retail, sport, music, television, radio, games, IT, travel, hospitality, NGO and Govt sectors.

I’ve given speeches in New York, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Melbourne, Stockholm, Istanbul, Athens, Prague, Dubai, Miami, Barcelona, Oslo, Beirut, Lisbon, Nicosia, Geneva, Toronto, Helsinki, Dublin, Casablanca, Zurich, Chicago, Palma, Berlin, Salzburg, Paris and L.A.

The international press quote me, I’ve appeared on TV & radio programmes, and have written for a range of magazines. (For speech bookings, please note my agent is: cosimo@speakersassociates.com) My book “The Post-Truth Business” will be published in 2018…

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Twitter: SeanPdeC