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Brand Positive is a strategy consultancy specialising in cultural/social and brand/product research regarding the ‘Real Now & Potential Next’.

Taking a deep interest in the problems facing brands, particularly when they either find themselves disconnected from their core roots or seek to understand their relevance to emerging trends; we’ve found answers to these issues by combining expert interviews & desk research alongside ethnographic fieldwork in the EU, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia and America, for clients ranging from multi-nationals to NGO’s.

Meanwhile, we believe that long-term brand success is built on trust & a great deal of our research sees us assisting brands to regain that vital connection; which is often done by illuminating a misunderstood brand truth & then working with the client to refine their strategy.

Our insights, trend & strategy research link to speeches given by Sean, who set up the consultancy alongside Helen, at int’l conferences and cutting-edge events. His book ‘The Post-Truth Business: how to rebuild brand authenticity in a distrusting world’ is published next month.

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