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I’m an independent consultant who’s spent over a decade working on trend, insight and strategy projects for leading brands in Europe, America, Africa, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East. I combine cultural/social and brand/product research re: the ‘Real Now & Potential Next’.

A public speaker for over a decade, I’ve spoken at major industry conferences and cutting-edge events around the world. I’ve also given in-house speeches & run workshops for major brands inc Coca-Cola, Microsoft, L’Oreal, MTV, P&G, Warner, Estee Lauder, Harrods, Unilever and Heineken.

I’ve written for a wide range of consumer magazines and business titles, and my book ‘The Post-Truth Business’ is published this year.

If this is of interest, please look at the rest of the site for more information! (Re: social media, I’m @seanpdec).

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Twitter: SeanPdeC